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Are you wanting to run your business but you’re stuck in the weeds with daily tasks? It’s not a good use of your time as a business owner to be spending countless hours on tasks that you don’t want to do or don’t have the expertise for. Let me help maximize the potential of your business. By doing so, this will shift your focus to further develop the business or simply have more time for your personal life.

I am a system-oriented kind of gal. I have an out of the box mentality that is always thinking of how processes can improve with the customer internal/external in mind.

How can I help you?

Project management

  • Plan, oversee, and close any size project
  • Develop project plan to track progress and deliver status updates to stakeholders
  • Provide documentation and keep everyone accountable for their role in the project
  • Increase efficiency/productivity by outlying each role and responsibility of your team
  • Conduct research with products for content

Customer Support

  • Respond to customers’ inquiries via email or chat
  • Create, email templates to increase efficiency Ex: welcome emails to new customers, thank you emails to existing customers, surveys.
  • Engage with customers on social media by replying to their questions/comments
  • Reply to comments on website blog
  • Add feedback on website
  • Create FAQ section on your website and maintain it
  • Track fulfillment and run reports for orders
  • Ad-hoc tasks to ensure customer satisfaction

If you’re nodding your head and saying “YES” to any of these, let’s partner up to grow your company to what you envisioned it to be!

Contact me for a 30-minute consultation.

Business Phone: (314) 363-9568 




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