Andrea Kay Avila

Andrea Kay Avila

         “What I Can Do for You.”

  • Connect and assist with customers’ questions, concerns, and updates.

  • Organize, manage, and streamline your inbox and calendar.

  • Evaluate and redesign current workflows process and document retention.

  • Handle the day-to-day operations of their business from administrative support to client care.

    “Benefits of Working with Me.”

  • Not just another employee, but someone as passionate about their business as they are.

  • Understand that each individual in their organization plays an important part in their business growth.

  • Believe, enjoys, and love what they do and want to make a difference in their community, environment, and the world.

    “My Past Experience.”

  • I understand the importance of customer service, organization, timely communication, confidentiality, and working smarter not harder are just a few of the many components that help a business thrive.

  • Through my past experience, gained knowledge, and/or research I strive to help others find solutions to their problems. When I don’t have the answer at hand I know that I am resourceful enough to figure it out, find it, or find the person that knows.

  • Allow me to assist you with those time depleting task and grow your business while providing excellent service. It would be my pleasure for us to connect and chat to see if we are a good fit.

    Please schedule a time with me here so that we may speak in further detail.

Business Phone: (806) 664-3288 




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