Dr. Jennifer Capler

The DM Woman, LLC

YOU are a Leader. YOU are good enough. YOU have what it takes.

Leadership is a heavily contested topic among researchers. Most experts in the field want to focus on one area or another. To be effective leaders, there is a little bit of everything involved. And it starts with YOU.

From mindset and authenticity to leadership theory and effective decision-making, Political Leadership is an all-encompassing arena. People follow those they believe and trust. Political figures inspire and motivate others towards a common goal and the greatest good.

With 1:1 Coaching, Group Workshops, and/or Organizational Leadership Development, I’ve helped women and men embrace their authentic selves and enhance their political leadership skills to see personal and professional growth.

Political organizations tend to split over partisan lines. Truly listening to understand will bridge any gap and enhance effective decision-making while connecting with a diverse constituent base. This leadership will determine how the political organizations will create a thriving community.

Leadership capabilities are useful at home as much as they are at work. From leading your own household or hosting that controversial holiday gathering, embracing leadership and communication can help smooth any situation.

I help women get out of using perimenopause and menopause as an excuse; Millennials to find their life path; GenZ to create the hope they want to see for the future.

I am a Published Researcher and Author, delving into the world of effective leadership and effective decision-making in political organizations.

I am a Speaker about effective leadership and communication, motivation, and navigating life.

What I can do for you!

~ Guide you through Leadership, Communication, and Emotional Intelligence to improve your confidence and relationships
~ Understand your Authentic potential
~ Create actionable goals
~ Learn what you define as success to take you to the next level

Business Phone: (417) 851-7341 




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