Emily Bernardi

Bernardi Solutions

Web Solutions

  • Every business needs an easy-to-maintain website in this modern technology age.
  • Does this idea seem overwhelming? Does your lack of knowledge cause you anxiety? You don’t know how to get it all set up and working for you.
  • I may be your solution! I can take the pressure off. I have been working in website design, development and setup for over 15 years, and have been through many changes in the industry encountering and solving just about every web problem you can think of.

Some things I offer:

  • Designing, building and maintaining websites, always keeping up with the current technology changes.
  • Using WordPress to build websites so that they can be easily maintained by anyone who can work on a computer.
  • Variable pricing packages for all kinds of budgets. There is sure to be one that meets your needs and budget.
  • Don’t want to maintain your own website? I also offer monthly maintenance and security packages.

Branding Solutions

What is branding? All of your materials should identify who you are at a glance.

  • I design business cards, flyers, stationery, mailers & postcards, and other print materials, as well as templates for your email campaigns and online newsletters to match your website.

 Consultation & Training

Consulting with you on setting up your web presence and all that is involved.

  • Helping you come up with plan of action to reach your desired goals. If desired I can also help implement this plan.
  • Providing training on using WordPress, on maintaining your website by keeping up backups & security.

Does any of this sound good? Do you think I have the solution to YOUR problem. Email me at [email protected] for more information or for a free consultation.

Business Phone: (925) 331-0481 




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