Felicia Motel

Virtual Gatekeepers Group, LLC

I am a dedicated, seasoned business leader committed to helping business owners achieve their strategic goals by providing my tailored expertise to take your company to the next level of success.

I am a passionate and caring leader with an influential leadership style who gets excited about the collaboration and communication needed for leading teams with a dream of building a beautiful company from the inside to the outside. From the collaboration, creation, and execution of it, I am fired up to put your vision into actionable plans!

Early in my career, I was always known as the gatekeeper in my administrative roles for attorneys, doctors, university department heads, aviation contractors, and government construction. More recently, while employed with a software company, I served in various capacities – from administrative all the way to executive leadership. I learned all aspects of the business from HR to accounting to sales and marketing. The experience and skills gained through leading these day-to-day operations of the business gave me the tailored expertise needed to take on an executive leadership role. It was an honor and privilege for me to serve the administrative and technical teams as their Chief Operating Officer.

My drive to deliver operational excellence and transformational leadership for your company and team by establishing effective processes, aligning business strategy with company objectives, being an effective change agent, and implementing action plans to improve workflow and drive productivity will allow you to be the visionary leader your organization deserves.

This is what I do for the CEOs that have too many irons in the fire.

Do you have access to a strategic thought partner?

I am your trusted strategic thought partner. A confidant offering insights and strategies on business challenges. A dreamer who will brainstorm and dreamstorm your next big move. A champion to you when you’re crushing those challenges of growing your business, team, and profits.

I am your integrator – the key to your next level of success.

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