Gina Abney

Your Exceptional VA LLC

I’ve spent the majority of my career as a Creative Marketing Specialist, working in the financial services industry for fortune 500 companies in the healthcare, life, medicare, vision and workforce insurance industries.

My experience includes creatively marketing products, events, and services to a broad audience using print, press, and digital mediums. I am specifically skilled at creatively generating interest that drives participation, excitement, and sales while working within a budget. I am tech-savvy and especially enjoy using my creative skills to sell products, events, and services within an e-commerce environment.

My clients are entrepreneurs and small business owners who:

*Have a vision for their business but are overwhelmed with the backend of their business systems
*Are ready to upscale but don’t have enough time because they’re trying to “do it all”
*Are ready to delegate so they can stay in their zone of genius and focus on the money-earning activities

How I help my clients grow their business:

*I support Small Business Owners who need an online presence by working with them to create a beautiful WordPress website that captivates their visitors and converts them into clients.

*I work with coaches and consultants who need an online presence by developing a business website that allows them to promote their brand and attract new clients.

*I work with small business retailers that need an online shopping cart by collaborating with them to develop an e-commerce solution that allows them to sell their products and services to a larger audience.

I have the experience and skills you need to help bring your vision to the next level. I have the time you are so desperately short of. Let’s schedule a consultation to see how my time can increase your productivity.

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Business Phone: (317) 572-5456 




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