Ilene Aster

The Virtual Mission Maven

Moving Missions Forward!

My passion is to help businesses and entrepreneurs attain their goals and objectives to Move Their Missions Forward!

I work virtually with my clients, who encompass a multitude of both for profit and non-profit organizations, providing results and solutions to their pain points.

Here is a sample of what I can do for you –

  • Provide Administrative Management – Business Support – Customer Relationship Services
  • Perform Project Management
  • Assist With Meeting & Event Planning/Support –
    • Corporate, Non-Profit, Trade shows, Retreats, Conferences, Dinner Meetings & More
  • Provide Marketing and Communications Services
  • Perform Social Media
  • Furnish Fundraising Support
  • Perform Research

If You Do Not See A Particular Service Listed….JUST ASK!! Check Back Often As Services Are Continually Evolving…..


The contribution YOU (my client) add to your business is of the utmost value.
I collaborate with you as a valuable partner to free up your workload – this enables YOU to focus on the pieces of the business that are most important and where YOUR skills are most VALUED.

I want to understand your pain points, so we can identify your needs and determine how I can best help YOU and provide the best services!

I would love to connect with you! Set up a time to talk with me about your business.

It’s FREE. It’s 30 minutes. It’s all about you.

Business Phone: (781) 258-1612 




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