Leslie Martinez

 LM Virtual Services

Having a successful business is like running a marathon.
It takes endurance, and there are ups and downs along the way.
As an Online Business Manager, it's my mission to create a work environment to help support business professionals and consultants so that they can focus on their Zone of Genius!
If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, you need my help!
❌ Have you become the bottleneck in your business?
❌ Do you find it difficult to carve out personal time for yourself or with your family?
❌ Are you tired of going through the day putting out fires?

Then imagine how it would feel:
✔️ to have processes in place so that everything gets consistently done.

✔️ to start each day prepared and in control.
✔️ to take a break from your business and know that it would continue to run smoothly.

My corporate background as a Business Manager, C-Suite Executive Assistant, and HR Professional has equipped me to be a Master Figure-Outer. Creating organization and processes is my zone of genius!
I specialize in Operations, Email management, and Scheduling/Calendar management.

I love to see that “shoulder drop” moment when a client has complete relief knowing that they have a trusted associate operating on their behalf.

If you would like to learn more, send an email to Leslie@LMVirtualServices.com, and let’s find a time to chat.


  Business Phone: (832) 512-6356 




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