Mary Hanley

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Mary J. Hanley wears two hats: 1) as a social media consultant, trainer, and speaker and 2) as a Virtual Expert Coach. She excels at both and performs each with warmth, enthusiasm, and a heck of a lot of energy.

As a social media consultant and speaker, Mary enjoys providing small business owners with the guidance and tools to begin creating, branding, and managing their own social media platforms and WordPress sites. She helps her clients attract and convert their ideal clients with a keen eye on SEO.

If you keep hearing that word (SEO), but you’re not sure what it means, this is exactly why you need Mary. With her “one-thing-at-a-time” approach, she’ll break everything down into manageable pieces and soon you’ll be slaying that social media giant with strategy and precision. Want to get more insight into all that Mary can offer? Go check out all the amazing content she shares on these platforms: FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter. Once you realize that she’s the woman for the job, email her to schedule your free 20-minute consultation: [email protected]

With her Coach’s hat on, Mary provides much of the same as she does her social media clients: guidance and tools. She ensures that budding-VAs learn what it takes to become successfully self-employed. And she relishes in each trainee’s victory dance when they bust out of their day jobs and enter the life of a VA full-time.

What makes Mary even more spectacular is that she’s been there. Ten years ago, Mary went through this very same VA program; now she’s the Head Coach. Mary, too, made the life-changing decision to leave her regular 9-5 and change her destiny; she went from $11/hour to $250/hour. Mary knows the ins-and-outs of this path to success, making her an ideal coach to help light your own.





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