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MJo's Virtual Assistant Services

Greetings! I am Maryjo Griffin, owner of MJo’s Virtual Assistant Services. I offer support for course creation/training, research, editing/proofreading, and spreadsheet (ex: Excel)/database (ex: Access) development. I also support general small business tasks.

To tell you a little bit about my background, I spent many years working in financial services where I was a business analyst/data analyst. In that role I supported all of the skills described above by working with colleagues, clients, and software engineers to fully describe what was needed, and, yes, what should be excluded, from new software processing. Research, editing/proofreading, validation of math formulas (in Excel), and prototyping the new software (in Access) were all integral parts of these projects. Finally, I developed training courses, and support materials, for educating staff and clients on how to use the new software.

Areas where I can help you:
• For example, do you need to ‘automate’ inventory cost tracking? I can build either a multi table database (Access) or spreadsheet (Excel) where you can input, each of the costs associated with building a product. The database/spreadsheet will calculate your total costs.
• Do you publish blogs, are you adding new pages to your website, have you written an e-book? I can provide the ‘second set of eyes’ that edits and proofreads your writing. I will give you feedback based on the Chicago Manual of Style stylebook (or other of your choice) grammar rules, But, I will frame my comments to mirror your ‘voice’ (your writing style), and will never modify your writing. Instead, I will provide my suggestions as comments in your document. As the author, you always have the final say in what you want to write.
• Are you writing a new online course, or modifying an existing one? I can help you size that course , and decide which topics logically fit into your class duration. I can save you tons of time by gathering the support information you need to build the class. Then, I can work with you to develop the materials/’handouts’ you want to make available to your students.

I can also reduce those tedious tasks on your plate. I specialize in:
• Word
• PowerPoint
• Email and Calendar Management
• Client/Customer Service

Let’s talk – I’d love to help you with your project! Contact me to schedule a free 20-minute consultation at [email protected]

Business Phone: (508) 523 8382 




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