Patricia Bjork

Tus Nua Virtual Business Services, LLC dba

Are you a busy Entrepreneur, Spiritual, Life, or Wellness Coach who is frustrated by how much time it takes to complete all the administrative things that keep your business running smoothly? I've got a solution to help relieve your stress.
Hello, my name is Patricia Bjork (Bee-York) and I'm an Innovative, resourceful, compassionate, proactive problem-solving professional and Certified Virtual Expert™. I live in northwestern Wisconsin in the United States with my husband Jonathan and our fur-baby Delilah.
From crafting a mission statement to analyzing metrics I can help you turn the impossible into the "I'm profitable" - so that you can focus on the joy of business and be free to deliver the quality service your clients deserve.
How do I do that?
As your Virtual Operations Manager, I will help you with back-end operations management and assist you with strategic planning by analyzing your metrics so that you can make informed decisions about the future of your business.
As your Project Manager, I work with you from “I’ve got a great idea” to “Time to Launch”. Every stage of the process is planned, outlined, and assigned. My goal is to manage your project and team to exceed expectations and beat the deadline.
As your Executive Assistant, inbox/calendar maintenance, travel arrangements, setting up systems and creating best practice processes, project coordination and light bookkeeping are all things I can easily take over for you. I'm a seasoned customer service professional and will utilize my exceptional communication and interpersonal skills in building rapport with your clients

If you are tired of beating your head up against the impossible standard of success and ready to reconnect with the joy of business and set your own standards, reach out to me for a free 30-minute discovery call at and let’s talk solutions.

Business Phone: (651) 428-5374 




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