Tracy White

Divine Virtual Services

Virtual Assistant | Customer Service | Personal Assistant | Real Estate | Research | Email and Calendar Management | Office Manager | Copywriting | Proofreading

With over 25 years’ experience in the administrative and customer service fields, I am proficient at managing numerous tasks. I meet deadlines, am organized and detail oriented in my service offerings. My passion is helping small business owners grow their business and reach their desired success.

Services offered:

  • Customer Service/Customer Care to provide a personal touch for your clients
  • Office Management to handle all your backend office needs • Copywriting to create marketing copy that presents information about a specific product or service
  • Personal Assistant services to help manage your personal life
  • Email and Calendar management so important details and meetings get noticed
  • Proofreading services so your content is accurate and engaging
  • Research services to find the information you need
  • Project Management both in your personal and business life

Divine Virtual Services will remove the overwhelm and get you back on track. You need to focus your valuable time on profit generating activities. Let us handle the daily chaos that comes with owning a small business. We can strategize ways to help your business run more smoothly and make your daily life easier. We will treat your business/life/problems as if they were our own.

Let us help you gain the freedom to spend more time focusing on your business, collaborating with clients, and cultivating relationships with new ones. You CAN grow the profitable business of your dreams.

We will manage your office, simplify your life and give you back your valuable time. We will lighten your load so you can focus on what matters most in your business and your life.

Let Divine Virtual Services be your one-stop solution for the chaos of your business and personal life. You deserve to reach your business goals and enjoy life to the fullest.

Business Phone: (812) 277-6192




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