Vicki Leasure

Would you like to engage your potential clients in a fun, quiz-type game that can generate quality leads but are unsure where to start? Does the idea of trying to put graphics to your lead magnet leave you staring blankly at your copy? Do you have an idea for an ebook, or even a file of case studies, just sitting in your Google Drive? Is there a presentation coming up that needs a bit more pizazz than stock photos?

I can help you create a graphic difference for your business, one design at a time.

Alexander Isley said, “A good design encourages the viewer to want to learn more”. Design is the visual invitation that invites your clients into your world and what your business is all about. It is the sum of your values, services, and culture. Conveying your brand to your clients positively and engagingly helps build the relationships that will move your business forward.

At Blue Starfish Virtual Solutions, LLC, we are focused on helping entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, & authors create a strong online presence by creating quality lead magnets, Interact quizzes, e-books, & presentations. I’m skilled in using your branding to cohesively build & engage your client base with authentic interaction and a bit of fun. I am an Expert VA® (virtual assistant) with over a decade of assistant experience and an Interact Quiz affiliate. In addition, I have a background in dyslexia and assistive technologies. I would enjoy the chance to work with dyslexic entrepreneurs.

Blue Starfish Virtual Solutions, LLC is a Central Ohio-based virtual graphic design assisting company founded in 2021. Let's have a coffee chat & discover how I can help you grow your business & reduce your graphic workload. Schedule a free consultation with me today at [email protected]

Business Phone: (740) 485-3730 




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