Kathy Barnes

Barnes LTD Support Services

I am a seasoned virtual resource offering my skills, experience, and Christ-centered core values to small construction businesses, in-home care agencies, and professional service-based agencies. I help small business owners reclaim hours they need for what matters most, time with family, time for self-care, and time to grow the business.

I provide writing and editing services, digital marketing strategy and content development, and project coordination to help you reclaim those hours.

Writing and Editing: Technical documents, proposals, articles or blog post content.  I work with existing documents or create new documents from your draft or manuscript.

Digital Marketing: Websites and done-for-you social platforms loaded with the elements that get your business seen and your target audience responding.

Project Coordination: Need help researching and implementing time-saving software solutions to run your business more efficiently and...

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Ella Argrow

Argrow Virtual Speedy Solutions, LLC

I support professional female faith-based small business owners, authors, coaches and
speakers with their daily office tasks so they can focus on growing their business. I will assist in providing excellent customer support to new and current clients, assist with administrative support, reduce stress by organizing and managing your day-to-day operations, and provide email and calendar management.

I am very detail-oriented, self-motivator, efficient in public relations, outstanding customer service skills. I provide professional, proactive, and problem-solving services, I will help you have more time to stay focused and reach your business goals.

If you’re interested in making your business grow, then reach out to Argrow Virtual Speedy Solutions, LLC at [email protected] and we can connect to schedule a free consultation.

Business Phone: (803) 290-1265 



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Treychel Anderson

Nomad Virtual Solutions

Do you stress over your WordPress website – building the website, keeping it up to date, dealing with tech issues? I help my clients by building beautiful and targeted websites – showing what makes you stand out and speaking to your ideal clients, and maintaining my client’s websites so they don’t even have to think about that part of their business.

I use my techie know-how to help my clients put their best foot forward so they can focus on scaling their online business.

Learn how to gain back valuable hours and focus on your entrepreneurial zone of genius! Set up a free consultation today: https://nomadvirtualsolutions.com/contact/




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Angie Jones

To The Rescue Virtual Services LLC

Are you an entrepreneur who feels frazzled and overwhelmed? I’ve been there before and I know how it feels! To The Rescue can help you trim your to-do list so that you can concentrate on your passion. Together we can grow your business to the next level…and beyond. As a proactive, problem-solving member of your virtual team, we can assist you with Excel spreadsheet solutions, online course creation, website updates, writing and editing assignments, small graphic design projects, and more. Even if we are miles apart, you can feel confident that we have your best interests at heart and will work hard to make your business a success.

Sound good? Let’s get rolling! Contact us today for a free 20-minute consultation at [email protected] or 847-543-4818 and let’s turn your dream into reality!

*10% of proceeds of To The Rescue Virtual Services LLC are donated to an animal rescue organization

Business Phone: ...

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Tonya R Moore

Moore Virtual Solutions


Imagine having all your podcast’s guests vetted, scheduled and ready for future episodes. You just show up and chat with your guest. That’s what I can do for you. I take on all the stress of preparing your guests for you! I even do the prep work of getting you booked on a podcast!


Busy entrepreneurs who have been running their business for only a few years and want to work with a professional, proactive, problem solving VA, and who knows what their vision is but needs help implementing the steps to get them there.

As your Expert VA, the more I do, the less you have to! I provide the kind of support you need to allow you to work ON your business, not IN or FOR your business!

As your Podcast Relationship Manager, I help you get back time in your business so you can concentrate on the things you went into business to do and to grow your business.  

My specialties include but are not limited to:

  • Podcast Relationship...
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Karen Hansel

Invictus Enterprises LLC

Invictus Enterprises LLC is about making good things happen for our clients. We provide a support system to free up small and medium business owners to do what they do best – their business! We specialize in administrative and project management services and are a group of learners, problem solvers, and doers that can help you succeed. No task is too small, let us do what you don’t want to!

Invictus Enterprises LLC is about making good things happen for our clients. We provide a support system to free up small and medium business owners to do what they do best – their business! We specialize in administrative and project management services and are a group of learners, problem solvers, and doers that can help you succeed. No task is too small, let us do what you don’t want to! Contact us today for a free 15-minute consultation by emailing us in care of [email protected] or by phone 469.450.9514. We look...

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Suzanne Yuhas Corry

Dragonfly ProSolutions

Hi, I’m Suzanne! And I am an Expert Virtual Assistant who specializes in CRM-Email Marketing-Web Content Marketing. My passion lies in assisting health and wellness small businesses design a strategy to reach a larger audience interested in bettering their health.

At Dragonfly ProSolutions, I understand the importance of having dynamic customer interactions that captures your audience, looks beautiful, and helps your business stay relevant. I will intently listen to your needs to formulate top-notch customer interactions representative of you. Your customer interaction is the vital vein of your business and your critical marketing machine.

When you get right down to it, your customer interactions should run like a well-oiled machine.  CRM-Email Marketing-Web Content Marketing strategies simplify, organize, and manage the many "behind the scenes" business activities that support customer relations and drive your brand. I will work closely...

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Emily Smathers

Smathers Solutions to Thrive with Ease

I love expanding health care options and using my organizing, data, and teaching talents to do so. Together I help others thrive by easing the process of developing science. Within a 30 year span, I spent the last 10 providing clinical trial organization to industry trials and another 10 surveilling data for children. I understand how much there is to focus on at one time, how many balls there are to juggle. And that’s what I strive to be through Smathers Virtual Solutions. A reliable, professional, proactive, and knowledgeable addition to your team. Because I hate poor customer service and being lied to, I’ll always strive to provide both quality and truth in however I conduct myself. When people get to know me, they are often surprised by my array of interests, skills, and talents. Some would say I don’t fit in a box. Which is fine by me, I have always striven to be outside the box, which makes match most science challenges,...

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Melissa Reese

Anthony Allan

Get the advantage of top-tier Fortune 500 corporate experience for your small business!

I provide prompt, professional, and pragmatic website design, content creation, and website maintenance services tailored to each client’s specific needs. I give entrepreneurs and small businesses the support and guidance they need to grow so that they can focus on the work they truly enjoy and care about.

Your website is your storefront. Let me help you develop and manage your website to turn “window shoppers” into long-term clients.

Before founding Anthony Allan I worked at several of the world’s largest technology and e-commerce companies and was given insight into the strategies they use to grow and evolve in response to customer demands and to remain relevant in changing market conditions.

Connect with me on LinkedIn to discover how I can help you reduce your workload and grow your business, or reach out to schedule a free 20-minute consultation at ...

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