Terra McColley

Finding Business Balance

Are you a practitioner, chiropractor, therapist, or spa owner in the health and wellness industry and looking to expand, grow, or develop your business? Are you overwhelmed with running the back end of your business systems and not having the time to do what you love? I have been there and I know how overwhelming this process is and I can help.

Let me support you through this process of building and making your business a success by:

- Online business management
- Online scheduling Programs and setup: Mindbody and MassageBook
- Assist in developing online forms
- Reduce your paper trail with a cloud-based filing system
- Establish social media platforms
- Promotional material development
- Project Management
- Hiring and staff management
- Setting and breaking down business goals to make your dream a reality

For over 17 years I have successfully run my own massage and nutrition business. I have executed many different variations of my own business from providing...

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