Maria Teneza

MT Virtual Solutions LLC

I am a Certified Virtual Expert® with a passion for social media. I help business owners establish their presence online and get the attention they deserve. I support busy professionals (I am partial to lawyers/law firms) burnt-out by the tedious & time consuming tasks in social media.

“The way you tell your story online can make ALL the difference” - Let’s connect!

Email me at [email protected]


Business Phone: (202) 556-1317  



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Sharon Hartwick

The Hartwick Group, LLC

What’s Your Problem?
We are guessing your problem is one of the following – or a combination of them – as we see this all the time and it’s really why we do what we do and believe in the way we do it.

Your business has taken off but you can’t spend the time it takes generating your own organic LinkedIn leads anymore. There isn’t enough time. You would rather spend any available time with family and enjoying the success your business brings.

Where you really want to focus your attention is on developing the products and services that your clients are looking for or growing your business beyond your current scope. You know you need prospects to sell your stuff to, but you’d rather create more to offer them.

You would rather do anything but gather your own LinkedIn leads. Your thought process is, “Please don’t make me.” And you are more than ready, willing, and wanting to hand that part...

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Colleen Kardasz

CLK Business Solutions, LLC

CLK Business Solutions, LLC, helping to empower your business as a true business partner. We understand the importance of a strong social media presence. We create complete content and marketing calendars with social media tracking to help organize and plan for all your social media needs. Specializing in LinkedIn and Google Ads, we can help you reach your ideal client that you have dreamed of working with. Our extensive services include Event Planning, Online summits, research, blogging, and general administrative projects. We have Certified Quickbooks Online ProAdvisors to help with all your business bookkeeping or payroll needs. Interested in finding out how CLK Business Solutions can help your business? Contact us here for a consultation and a free LinkedIn profile analysis.

Business Phone: (412) 670-1545




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