Who's Helping You?

YOU Don't Have to Do It ALL,
To Get It ALL Done

Do you feel stuck?

As entrepreneurs and business owners our businesses are often our passions.  We love what we do and we are excited about growing and expanding.   The problem is, YOU can't do it all. As our businesses grow it adds technical, operational, and marketing hurdles that just exponentially also grow.

Don't get stuck in all the details! You don't have to learn how to do ALL the specialized details of the new CRM your business is needing.  You don't have to learn all the ins and outs of a complex scheduling system your business needs in order to take things to the next level.  What if you could focus on innovating or content? Or Networking? Or...you get the picture. What would that do for your business?

You have a variety of ways to find the virtual assistant who meets your needs:

If you are looking for a highly skilled, professional virtual assistant (VA) you’ve come to the right place. ALL the virtual assistants in our directory have completed one of our training programs. The knowledge and experience to help you grow your business and accomplish your goals is a major focus of our program. 

  • Tell us what you need: Choose one of the options below and the level of help you want finding ... well help. :)  And then schedule a consultation.


  • Search by area of specialization or Industry: Review the areas of specialization to determine which skills and industries best meet your needs. You may want to hire more than one, if you need help in multiple areas. Feel free to contact as many VAs as you want to find out more about their expertise. Each virtual assistant offers a free consultation to help you figure out the best way to meet your goals.

Want to talk to one of our FANTASTIC matchmakers?

Choose the level of help you want finding the level of help you want!

Meet Jill...

Jill Lutz has been matching talented candidates with local employers for nearly 20 years. As a Certified Virtual Expert® and a graduate of Kathy's program, Jill understands that the "right fit" is critical to your business success. Schedule time today to learn more!

Discovery with a Matchmaker


  • 30-minute consultation - Is a Virtual Assistant right for your business right now?
  • Job Post that highlights your business, VA needs and how to apply
  • Promotion of your VA opportunity to VAs/VEs that have all completed one of Kathy’s training programs
  •  Access to our extensive directory of Virtual Assistants and Virtual Experts®

You interview the candidates and select the best candidate for your needs!



Save Me Time Option


All of the bullet points in the Free/No-Cost Option, PLUS the following:

  • Three recommended VAs/VEs that have been screened based on your requirements
    We talk to all of the interested candidates on your behalf!
  • Written overview of each candidate that showcases individual skills, experience, and LinkedIn profile
    You select the best candidate for your needs




Save Me MORE Time Option


All of the bullet points in the regular “Save Me Time” package, PLUS the following:

  • Three 15-minute Zoom video interviews
    The candidates explain their skills/experience and WHY they would be the best candidate for you!
     ❇Understand their personality and communication style and see if it's a match!
  • Our recommendation of the top candidate based on these interviews and your needs
    You select the best candidate for your business!